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We present the  ZUMA  as a complete and robust ERP, which stands out in its category, as a vital tool for decision-making by managers who, supported by secure and differentiated information, add a wide range of organizational controls by fully integrating the Physical, Financial and Tax controls of the company.

Main Modules:

  • Inventory control

  • Bills to receive

  • Bills to pay

  • Credit cards

  • Postdated checks

  • bank control

  • Sales/Commission Control

  • Billing and bank collection

  • Business Intelligence (BI) 


Tax Modules:

  • tax books

  • sintegra

  • Electronic Bill of Lading (CT-e)

  • Monetary Correction / Depreciation

  • MDF-e

  • SPED Contributions

  • Tax SPED

  • Inventory Production Record

Automation Modules:

  • Pre-Sales (ZUMA-POS)

  • Sales Force (z-Mobile)

  • Web Pre-Sale (z-Commerce)

  • Consumer Invoice (ZUMA-NFC-e)

  • Electronic Invoice (ZUMA-NF-e);

  • Services Invoice (ZUMA-NFS-e)

  • Conference Control (ZUMA-Conference)

  • Third Party e-Commerce Integration API

 Note: ZUMA defaults to the Microsoft SQL Server database.

Management Modules:


  • Demand Analysis by Transaction

  • Product Turnover Analysis

  • Physical / Financial Analysis

  • Credit Card Movement Analysis

  • Sales Analysis by Customer / Seller

  • Default Analysis

  • Calculation of Results / Break-even Point

  • Tax Determination of Inputs and Outputs

  • Monthly Trial Balance by Management Account

  • Sales Performance

  • Management Account Statement

  • Customer Financial Statement

  • Contribution Margin

  • Sales goal

  • Financial Analysis by Period

  • Financial Forecast

  • Product Ranking

  • Tax Traceability



Scalability is a desirable feature in every system and this is a feature that few software offers. ZUMA is always prepared to grow together with its customers. For example, you buy our system and you have a small shop with two computers. You grow, buy several workstations, hire people, open branches, change the tax system - You leave SIMPLES and go to Real Profit, open a factory, buy your own delivery trucks and now want to control your fleet. Finally, ZUMA is able to withstand these load increases when resources demand it.

Scalability is an extremely important issue in management systems, as we know that the acquisition costs, staff training, adaptation of all the people involved, whether employees, suppliers or customers, imply a lot in financial terms. A scalable system like ours provides savings even when it's time to grow, as the foundations are always ready for growth

Scalability can be measured by the ease with which a deployed system can be expanded using all its resources to accommodate demands, whether high or low. 
No matter how much information different demands need to be shared in a single distributed system, ZUMA remains easy to use and manage.
Our scalability in startups is a way to accelerate your company's growth, with small costs and very quickly.


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