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Basic Module:

  • Check-off for release and write-off for pre-sale delivery;

  • Product barcode registration (DUM14 – volumes);

  • Manual conference (typing / barcode reader);

  • Output conference generation based on pre-sales;

  • Reading and checking the bar codes of products and volumes (DUM14);

  • conference monitoring;

  • Manual conference form report.

ZUMA-Conferencia came to meet the demand of its customers regarding the safe and automated management of the merchandise delivery conference sector.
For this, we extract a part of the Warehouse Management system - ZUMA-WMS, which is intended for the “blind” conference of products previously sold through the pre-sale system.
This system is being sold in different modules, to suit the needs of each client. 

Intermediate Module:

  • Generation of input conference based on XML vs. Purchase Order confrontation;

  • Generation of Entries by Purchase, Other Entries and Production conferences;

  • Generation of conferences on Delivery, Cargo and Other Departures List;

  • conference management;

  • All features of the basic module.


Advanced Module:

  • Automation control through data collector;

  • Generation of conference controls through auditing;

  • Generation of conference labels;

  • Counting, verification, product standard, verification monitoring and Malfunction reports;

  • All functionality of modules, basic and intermediate;

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