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z Mobile

This amazing sales force tool,  will boost your sales considerably. Works on tablets or smartphones. One  once synchronized, the seller can place orders even without internet. We have our own API - WEB Order Monitor (Figure 1) - which integrates all sales transactions directly with the  customer database.

After synchronization, it is possible to monitor orders in real time and through pre-set parameters, create the necessary rules for discounts, available stock, approval of customer orders, etc.

It is such a practical tool that it can even replace internal sales stations and allow greater mobility for the salesperson within the store with the customer. This is modernity, This sells more!


For Z&M customers who opted for tablets for internal sales,  their practicality has made sellers used to desktops to adopt this modality of sale without any restrictions. Also, these devices don't take up much space. Easy to be transported and without internal mechanisms, they allow the seller to accompany the customer inside the store, during the sales process.

Being sales-oriented, access to the system is much faster and easier. Its use requires a little more care than a traditional computer. It's a much more sensitive device to drops, for example. It also needs to be charged from time to time and the store should be prepared to replace the device when it fails. Despite the lower cost compared to a computer, each seller must have their own device and the company has to have some spare devices.

The desktop requires a lot more space to be installed and a higher cost to implement on a sales basis. Its advantages are platform stability, convenience and comfort  to the seller.