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About Z&M

Z&M Sistemas was founded in August 1985, when the personal computer era practically began. This new wave of technology allowed small companies to access computerized controls. With an eye on this promising market, we developed our Integrated Business Management System, which was promptly accepted by the market, due to its robustness and reliability.

The Professionalism, Seriousness and Competence with which we treat our business, strengthen our brand and relationship with the market and this is the basis for the growth of our company and our customers, in addition to providing competitiveness in the market.

With a strong tax basis, our products meet all the requirements of tax legislation for taxpayers in the retail, wholesale, services and industry sectors – this being one of the most positive and relevant points of our products.

For so many achievements and successes, Z&M Sistemas has a well-trained team committed to our goals, in addition to hard work and dedication for a portfolio of loyal and satisfied customers.

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"Provide the market with a business management system that adds efficiency and professionalism to customer demands"


"Supply all needs for fiscal and managerial controls,

investing in the quality of the products and services provided, enabling the growth of our customers"


  • Excellence in service

  • Trust

  • Agility

  • ethic


DAC- Customer Support

Our service professionals are trained through internal training and certified through assessment tests before providing direct customer service.

By phone, chat, email or remote access, our support will always be ready to assist you!

DDS-Systems Development

In order to reach the level of competitiveness at which we are established, we have professionals with extensive experience, training and certification to implement all the necessary customizations to existing projects and, of course, the creation of new and innovative projects, whether due to the needs of our customers or by force of legislation.


Still within the organization, the administrative/financial department is responsible for financial controls, purchases, human resources, creation of internal processes, communication, ombudsman, events and the entire administrative and bureaucratic part in general.


To manage an IT company you need a lot of insight in addition to the entrepreneurial feeling that this business needs. Having a clear perception of how the market behaves over time and extensive experience in the IT area, for the correct decision-making, trying to be one step ahead of the market.

Areas of expertise

Área de atuação
  • Construction Material Trade

  • Trading of Steel Products

  • Furniture and decoration trade

  • Trading of Electrical Material and Lighting

  • Machinery and Equipment Trade

  • Trade in Travel Items

  • Sale of Parts for Motorcycles and Bicycles

  • Furniture and Office Equipment Trade

  • Stationery and bookstore

  • Tire Trade and Retreading

  • Trade of Electronic Products and Implements

  • Trading of Medical / Dental Products

  • Sale of silk screen products

  • paint trade

  • Trading of Utilities and Domestic Utensils

  • Electronics Trade

  • Distributor of Food Products

  • Precast and Tile Industry

  • logging companies

  • Commercial representation

  • Copying and Plotting Service

Presentation Z&M-ZUMA

Evolution of the Z&M Brand







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