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The ZUMA_ERP Commercial Agenda module aims to control the agendas of potential customers who have shown interest in some product and/or service and the effective sale or interaction of the seller with it will occur at another time. It is possible to record all the data of the possible customer for a future contact, where the record can be found through different filters, such as: period, customer, seller, status, among others. In addition, the seller on the scheduled date, when logging into the system, will be alerted to the day's contact schedules.


 What this module offers:

  • Contact scheduling.

  • It allows you to schedule a return, for a different reason (reasons you can create them), which you can specify (eg, customer requests a return, make a contact to confirm a return to the store, etc.)

  • Filters closed and open pre-sales by period, allowing you to see and execute command with all or only selected within the requested period which was filtered, such as sending a mass email, or having a quick email to your contacts who had any relationship action in a certain period.

  • Appointments queries, being by date, location, seller, customers, period, situation, among others.