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Additional Modules


The ZUMA_ERP Commercial Agenda module aims to control the agendas of potential customers who have shown interest in some product and/or service and the effective sale or interaction of the seller with it will occur at another time. It is possible to register all the data of the possible customer for a future contact, where the registration can be found through...


THE  ZUMA-WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a system that takes full control within  of the company's warehouse or storage area. One of the main features of this system is to identify the best storage area for each product, following pre-established rules and even controlling information such as expiration date...

This amazing sales force tool,  will boost your sales considerably. Works on tablets or  smartphones. One  once synchronized,  the seller can place orders even without internet. We have our own API -  WEB Order Monitor, - which integrates all sales transactions directly with the   customer database.

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Integration application with the formulations of tinting systems of the main ink manufacturers that manages the information of the back-end system regarding the formation of sales prices and cost of inks manufactured by the equipment.

Everything is done directly by the sellers through the pre-sale system, streamlining the sales process...

Conference  came to meet the demand of its customers for managing the conferencing industry in a secure and automated way.

For this, we extract a part of the Warehouse Management system -  ZUMA-WMS,  which is intended for "blind" checking of products previously sold through the pre-sale system...


ZUMA_ERP has direct integration with E-COMMERCER on your website, these integrations provide more organization and agility in the flow of orders. 

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